Video Production

Nearly all businesses would benefit from video as part of website content, social media and digital marketing campaigns. Video is a powerful and effective way of presenting your products and service. It will greatly increase the viewers understanding of your business. A well planned and presented video should be an essential tool in your online presence. It is a fact that your potential customer are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. Almost half of all internet users watch at least one video a month. People remember informative and useful video content.

Social media is a great way to promote and inform and video presentation is the best medium. Attaching video content to emails results in double the number of click throughs. Social media offers a great exposure and social media users are more likely to share what the like and find useful and interesting.

The search engines rate video content and couple with an article including keywords you will always rank highly. Potential customers and clients are more likely watch a short informative video than read a long article. With the ever increasing number of people using there phones and devices video is easier to watch than reading text.

Video production and consequent exposure is a cost effective of marketing and presenting your products and services. Contact us to discuss how a video can boost sales and website retention.